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Leading Employment Support for Disabled Students
작성자 : OIA 작성일 : 2019-02-08 17:02:38    조회수 : 648
공유 아이콘 페이스북 트위터

Designated by Korea's Ministry of Education as a "Leading University for Career and Employment Support for Disabled Students"


Daegu University was recently selected by Korea's Ministry of Education as a "Leading University for Career and Employment Support for Disabled Students." This project is designed to provide customized career exploration and employment support to students with disabilities by having the selected centers (universities) lead the project in order to solve the problem of a lack of connectivity to employment, despite the growing number of higher education opportunities for disabled students. The six universities selected include Daegu University (Daegu, Gyeongbuk region), Korea Welfare University (Seoul Metropolitan region), Sogang University (Seoul Metropolitan region), Nazareth University (Chungcheong and Gangwon region), Chonbuk National University (Honam and Jeju region) and Pusan National University (Busan, Ulsan, and Gyeongnam region). The six universities selected for the project will receive government funding totaling KRW 300 million (KRW 50 million per university).


Thus far, Daegu University has provided systematic support for students with disabilities by providing specialized personnel for each type of disability, professional assistants (sign language interpreters and education stenographers), and a dedicated employment support officer at the on-campus Disabled Students Services Center. In addition, the Center has implemented diverse educational programs including authentic job camps for disabled students, job competency portfolio strengthening competitions, global leadership employment challenges, and certification exam prep classes to enhance the employment capacity of disabled students.


Daegu University, which has recently been designated as a leading university, plans to form a consultative body in conjunction with local governments and public institutions including the Daegu Metropolitan City Government, Gyeongsangbuk-do Provincial Government, the Korea Employment Corporation for the Disabled, and other associations who support the disabled, to support the employment of disabled university students Together with these groups, the University plans to establish a one-stop integrated support system. In addition, it will establish a career counseling database for disabled university students, organize recruitment fairs and job camps, operate experiential internships in conjunction with the disabled employment project, and operate a career experience program for disabled students who hold national on-campus employment scholarships.


Meanwhile, Daegu University has been named the top university for six of the past six consecutive periods in the "Assessment of Education Welfare Support for University Students with Disabilities" conducted by Korea's Ministry of Education and has an optimal educational environment for disabled students. Currently, a total of 319 disabled students are enrolled at Daegu University (236 undergraduate students, 33 postgraduate students, and 50 K-PACE center students).

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