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Daegu University’s “All in Care” System
작성자 : 윤종찬 작성일 : 2018-11-29 10:11:26    조회수 : 859
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A Lighthouse for the Sea of Employment: Daegu University’s “All in Care” System


Recently, media reports about Korea’s worst youth unemployment rate ever have been circulating. At the same time, despite numerous policies on job creation for young people pouring out from the government, the difficulty of employment is expected to worsen. As soon as students enter university, they experience the bitterness of having to spend their days preparing for employment by building concrete job-related special skills, without being able to experience the joy of campus life.


Reflecting this reality, Daegu University considers employment a critical issue and is therefore expanding and reorganizing its Office of Career Services into the Career Services Headquarters. This change will strengthen the function of career path and employment support as Daegu University’s president sits as the head of the Headquarters. In addition to reorganizing the support structure, the Career Services Headquarters has established and operates its so-called “All in Care” system, which helps students design career paths, develop competencies, and ultimately find employment.


This useful system provides hope for students who are troubled by career development and employment opportunities. This reporter visited the Career Services Headquarters to learn more about the “All in Care” system, which is said to be a beacon in the dark sea of employment.


An Interview with the Career Services Headquarters


Q. What are the advantages and characteristics of the “All in Care” system compared to previous employment support systems?


If the previous employment support system was mainly an information service system for job support programs and job advertisements, then the new “All in Care” system is a one-stop employment support system and a student competency development system; it provides information to help develop students' capabilities and employment prospects by helping them discover themselves and identify their own career paths based on job and career recognition tests and job psychology tests. In other words, the “All in Care” system allows students to make their own plans for their career path and employment, to systematically complete a variety of programs at universities, and then to reach success through coaching for employment. In addition, by integrating and managing students' individual curriculum-based and extra-curricular activities as well as their history of self-directed activities, the system provides a variety of information to guide professors and career path and employment councillors that is helpful for structured data-based consultation.


Q. Which students can benefit from using the “All in Care” system?


Students who have many career path and employment concerns, but who don't know how or where to start, are encouraged to use the “All in Care” system. First of all, they can determine their current level of career path and employment preparation, check their aptitude through a job psychology test linked to “Worknet,” and write a 'career roadmap' based on various job and company information that they have searched for. By doing so, they can set up a path to career development. They can also participate in various career development programs that are offered and improve their employment capabilities.


Also, students or graduates who are starting their job search will find the 'online job solution' extremely helpful. This section offers a large amount of data related to job performance testing, personal statements, cover letters, and interviews that will help students on their job search.


Q. What are the five ways to effectively use the “All in Care” system?


The “All in Care” system has many sections and a lot of functions, so the most effective way to use it is as follows:


Know myself!: Self-discovery through career/employment recognition tests, Worknet-linked job psychology tests, career roadmaps, etc.


Which jobs and roles suit me?: Job exploration and goal setting such as desired jobs, corporate information, and NCS job competencies based on self-discovery results.


Increase my employment capabilities!: Development of capabilities using employment capacity development programs, university career recommendation information, and online job solutions.


Fight for real jobs: Support actual employment opportunities by completing job application forms, “only-one” web-site (online recruitment information source), and youth mentoring.


Connect with employment counseling! Above all else, visiting the Career Services Headquarters and the University Career Development Center to get career counseling and consultation, while using the “All in Care” system, will double the benefits.


Q. It seems that the system utilization hasn’t been that high yet. What plans do you have to help more students take advantage of the system?


In order to increase the utilization of the “All in Care” system, the Career Services Headquarters is making various plans. We will visit students and departments to hold briefing sessions, and in conjunction with regular subjects, we will increase system utilization. We will also promote the system on social networking services such as Facebook and Instagram as well as the Daegu University homepage. We will also hold testimonial events to promote the “All in Care” system to students.


Q. What are the challenges of operating the system?


As I mentioned earlier, the biggest challenge is that the “All in Care” system is not being utilized by many students yet. I think it's our job to provide the best content to our students by keeping students up-to-date, while increasing the publicity of the system.


Q. Please give some advice to everyone at DU who is concerned about career paths and employment opportunities.


The job market is getting worse and worse and the paradigm of jobs and employment in the fourth industrial revolution is changing. At DU, students are also concerned about career paths and employment. But if you worry about it alone, your precious college life can pass by in a flash. As the Korean saying goes, ‘The earliest time to start is when you think it's too late.’


The Career Services Headquarters and the University Career Development Center are ready and waiting for you. Join us to get counseling and to take part in our programs. When you do, you’ll feel like, 'There are so many career and employment-related programs and activities I can participate in!'


I hope that everyone at DU will use the Career Services Headquarters. And until then, everyone here at the Career Services Headquarters will not stop working until each and every DU student successfully gets a job.


"The Career Services Headquarters will do all it can to support your career path and employment!"


Daegu University “All in Care” system homepage



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