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Industry & Academic Cooperation Foundation, selected for regional specialized industry support project
작성자 : 관리자 작성일 : 2017-09-28 12:09:45    조회수 : 970
공유 아이콘 페이스북 트위터

'Leading Gyeongbuk's molding and processing industry', Daegu University was selected for a regional specialized industry support project

- The Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy selected Daegu University as the executing agency in the Gyeongbuk region, securing funding of approximately 290 million won (KRW).
- Operating a technology transfer support program to secure technological competitiveness in the molding and processing industries
Daegu University (president Hong Duck-ryul) was recently selected as the project executing agency in the Gyeongbuk region for the '2017 Regional Specialized Industry Development Support Project' that is supervised by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy and administered by the Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT).

This project centered on selected major industries reflecting local conditions and characteristics aims to expand the creation of new jobs, strengthen competitiveness of regional industries, and revitalize regional economies.

Daegu University, being selected for the project, secured a total project fund of 290 million won (KRW) including in-kind fees such as a local fund of 250 million won (KRW), and will operate a 'Technology Transfer Support Program to Secure Technological Competitiveness in the Molding and Processing Industries' until February next year to support the molding and processing industry, which is a primary industry in the Gyeongbuk region.

The molding and processing industry processes materials such as metals and plastics into usable and suitable shapes. This manufacturing process has a high correlation with other root industries such as heat treatment, surface treatment, and welding, and forms the basis of manufacturing competitiveness that is inherent in the final product.

Daegu University will establish a support system for technology transfer and technology commercialization to secure the technological competitiveness of Gyeongbuk's molding and processing industry, which is that area's representative small and medium-sized industry. To this end, it will discover superior technologies in the molding and processing sector, and promote technology transfer through matching with 14 in-demand companies.

In addition, Daegu University is planning to increase the possibility of technology commercialization for these transferred technologies by supporting prototyping, marketing, consulting, and product upgrading technology guidance to support technology transfer as well as the commercialization of the transferred technology.

Yoon Jae-woong, the director of Daegu University's Industry and Academic Cooperation Foundation said, "We will strive to prevent the developed technology from dying out and encourage its commercialization by linking technology supply agencies such as universities and research institutes with local small and medium-sized enterprises. Through this, we will contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of small and medium-sized  molding and processing businesses in the Gyeongbuk area, securing a new growth engine, and revitalizing the local economy."

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