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사랑, 빛, 자유의 건학정신을 바탕으로 발전과 성취를 거듭해 온 아름다운 대학

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Department of Nursing, operating an overseas practicum in the US during semester breaks
작성자 : 관리자 작성일 : 2017-09-28 12:09:06    조회수 : 534
공유 아이콘 페이스북 트위터

Daegu University's Department of Nursing, operating an overseas practicum in Seattle, USA during the winter semester break

- Operating a nursing training program including Seattle medical institution practicum, University of Washington Hospital site visit, and student exchange
- Attended the Society of Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI), the world's largest nursing organization

Students from Daegu University's Department of Nursing (Department Head Ha Tae-hee) participated in a two-week nursing practicum during the winter vacation in Washington state to develop their global competencies.

The training team, consisting of 13 undergraduate nursing students and supervising professors, arrived in Seattle, USA in late January. They conducted adult nursing clinical practice at Christian Family Care and Providence Health & Service, two medical institutions located in Washington state. Daegu University's Department of Nursing and the two institutions signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) last year.

In addition, they visited the Northwest Hospital of the University of Washington, one of the best in the field of nursing in the US, and observed advanced systems in hospital wards and rehabilitation centers. The practicum students interacted with students from the University of Washington and made a final presentation on the differences in the health insurance system and medical system between the US and Korea.

Students also participated in the ΣΘΤ STTI Conference, which was founded in 1922 and is the world's largest nursing society with more than 130,000 members. Here, students also participated in workshops and conferences with nursing scholars and in-service nurses and saw evidence-based nursing care while having the opportunity to think about how to develop as nursing students to perform scientific nursing. 

This nursing overseas practicum on its major can be characterized as the highest level of learning since students could directly provide nursing services to the patients beyond ordinary site visit. Also it is noticeable that professor Park Esther, who has licensed the US nurse and has a clinical career, participated in the training and was in charge of the entire training.

Professor Park Esther from the Department of Nursing at Daegu University said, "For best practice, extraordinarily, our department directly signed an MOU with local medical institutions in the United States and thoroughly prepared for overseas training, including enrolling all students in US nursing insurance program in case of medical malpractice. I will do my best to foster global nursing care personnel."

Since 2012, Daegu University's Department of Nursing has conducted several field workshops and practicums in Hawaii and Philadelphia. These have helped students to broaden their experience in advanced medical systems and nursing practice in the United States.

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